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Welcome to my Science blog! The Bio Bee serves as a vessel to project my passion, and to share with my readers what interests me and inspires me in this crazy world.  A variety of things seem to excite my brain. Be it technological advancements, synthetic biology, drug making, businesses, biographies of inspirational figures, or maybe even fiction! I love how reading ANY material helps in our personal growth. The name of my blog was actually inspired by a similar nature of worker bees to gather food for the growth of their colony from so many different sources!

I also look forward to having thought-provoking discussions with you so that we can learn and grow together. I wish to write mainly on three broad topics that I am passionate about- Biology, Environment and Books. Happy reading!

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The Bio Bee X The Qrius Rhino

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The Bio Bee is collaborating with The Qrius Rhino for publishing joint bimonthly blogs on alternate Fridays. The Qrius Rhino is a Science blog that is run by a group of students studying in different renowned institutes in India. They believe that blogging is an effective way of communicating with other Science enthusiasts, and I totally agree!

You can check out their amazing blogs by clicking on the button below.


The Risky Experiment?

Merely six months after identifying SARS-CoV-2 as the causative agent for COVID-19, researchers are on the verge of developing a vaccine...



Thanks for your interest in The Bio Bee. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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